Kornelius current portfolio of projects is divided into 4 sectors:

  • Consulting
  • Power Industry
  • Environmental technology (Cleantech)
  • Technology, Media, Telecommunication and Homeland Security (TMT, HLS)

Kornelius Consulting Advisory Services

In 2002 Kornelius decided to open its pool of knowledge and expertise to external companies by providing market-entry advisory services including investment management services and investment advisory assistance with regard to establishing and marketing new businesses in the CEE region, strategic planning and business valuation. Kornelius Consulting also assists its clients in locating investment targets, the creation of transaction consortia, securing distributors, as well as finding clients and partners for the financing of new ventures.

Our Innovation advisory branch assists companies in idea creation and implementation, while maintaining focus on innovation, adequate return on investment (ROI), product flexibility, sales boosting and marketing initiatives.

Keeping the interest of its international clients and partners, Kornelius Consulting provides also representation, management, supervision and support for the local activity.

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IQ is the IT tailored outsourcing activity of Kornelius. The constant changes of the market and clients demand led Kornelius to develop a perfect solution. Identifying the challenges of large IT providers we act as an individually tailored IT recruitment, subcontracting and outsourcing provider for the local and multinational IT providers. We supply the teams and the clients supply the management and ownership at the projects.

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Power Industry:

Global Wind Energy Poland

Global Wind Energy Poland and its daughter company KWE sp. z o.o. were active in the field of Energy generation from wind as an alternative source. GWEP acts as a developer and investor of Wind farm projects with a target capacity of above 250 MW. GWEP was a joint venture with GWE, a subsidiary of Clal Industries and Investments, a part of IDB Group and Ampal, a part of Merhav Group. The Group was a member of the Polish Wind Energy Association and the Polish Economic Chamber of Renewable Energy. In 2015 GWEP has sold its key assets to VPL Projects sp. z o.o. with its registered seat in Szczecin which successfully continues development of wind farm in Konin.

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Ormat Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: ORA) is a world leader in the geothermal power plant sector. The Company has four decades of experience in the development of state-of-the-art, environmentally sound power solutions, primarily in geothermal and recovered energy generation.

Ormat designs, manufactures and sells power units used to generate electricity from recovered energy generated from otherwise wasted heat gas turbine-driven compressor stations, and a variety of industrial processes. The market for recovered energy includes interstate natural gas pipelines, gas processing plants, cement plants and other industries engaged in energy-intensive industrial processes. Kornelius is playing a role of active representative of Ormat`s technology on the Polish market.

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CleanTech Project:


Clariter is a new entrant in the rapidly expanding plastic waste (Polywaste) processing business. Clariter’s Recycling Processing and Refining Solution transforms polyolefin plastic waste into specialty-grade, high-value petrochemical products of oils and lubricants with outstanding purity. Clariter is active in Poland, Israel, South Africa and the Netherlands. Pilot Plant in Gliwice is Clariter`s fully owned subsidiary that serve as the R&D arm of the group is operating since 2006. Clariter is in the process of establishing its first demonstration plant in South Africa and developing its worldwide activities..

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Technology, Media, Telecommunication and Homeland Security (TMT, HLS)

Over the last years Kornelius has executed number of projects in the area of Technology, Media, Telecommunication as well as Homeland and Security.

Kornelius has closely cooperated with the telco operators, equipment suppliers and software providers. Among our clients one can find companies such as: Netia, Orange, ECI, Stahome, Dialog, Bynet, Tadiran Communications, Kabel X, Accenture, Matic, PoweMedia, MER, Paymaxs.